On behalf of the Grand Lord Secretary …..

The Kingdom faces great security challenges on its borders that cannot be dealt with idealistic strategies as the Literati suggests; therefore, a strong military presence and campaigns are necessary to the Emperor’s rule. To financially support a sound military presence we need the system of equable marketing by keeping the monopolies on salt and iron and excise on liquor. Only through strong government control over the economic and business activities, the Kingdom can provide ample resources to defend its borders against any possible challenge and simple rural economy cannot provide for the resources the Kingdom needs at the moment.

Financial competition through equable marketing shall bring economic prosperity and valuable revenues for the Kingdom that it can use to protect and enhance its borders. The people of the Kingdom may live with Confucius ideologies but the people across our borders may not share our values; therefore, while we adhere to our principles in making the Kingdom attractive to the others, we can never ignore the importance of having a strong military to ensure that our values are secured for the next generations and I cannot support any plan that jeopardizes the resources needed for our Kingdom’s security.

The Literati may propose a highly idealistic view of the world but the Kingdom faces realistic challenges.

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