What Next in Smartphones?

Smart PhonesOk I admit, we are all sold to the idea of having a smartphone these days! iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC and others are rapidly bringing out new devices that run smart applications mainly developed by the three leaders, Apple, RIM, and lately Google. News is out that Sony is also joining the ‘smartphone club’ by introducing its own version of phone, operating system and apps of course!

Yes we are in a new era of cellphone technologybut whats next?! Are we going to stop right here and keep on improving the smartphones as they exist or we will jump onto a new form of technology platform which may embed artificial intelligence features. Data mining into the cellphone users behavior is the favorite passtime for today’s marketers, mapping our behaviors. Can these internet based smartphones soon provide us with greater usability and more flexible productivity? I think we all can expect something revolutionary in the near future.