Blast From the Past


Blast From the Past

Once upon a time a child decided to pet a baby dragon: he fed him everyday with love and scared his friends with the dragon’s fiery nostrils whenever he felt naughty. The dragon also got close to that child and, as time passed,the dragon became bigger and scarier and even more independent- flying around the neighborhood and showing his ever-growing, monsterous powers. The child who was also a young man by then enjoyed his affiliation with the dragon and would boast around without realizing what the future may hold for their friendship. The dragon started thinking on his own and making his own moves when it came to expressing himself, and would not listen to that young man who raised him all his life. One day, the dragon scared the young man’s friends and family members when they got together for a party at home. This left the man thinking what might come next and if it was wise of him to have raise a dragon, to begin with. But it was too late since the dragon was enjoying his strength and would not shy away or refrain himself even in the man’s house. The man then decided to either cage the dragon or get rid of him somehow. He tried to let him loose but the dragon did not want to be anywhere else. The man then tried to cage him but dragon didn’t like that even and broke out the cage and become even more ferocious, leaving the man and the neighborhood helpless in wondering how to deal with this menance. The story somehow resonates to whats happening in Pakistan these days. Is it a blast from the past?!

Farmville Will Get Ya!

Farmville on Facebook

Farmville on Facebook

If you are on Facebook, a social networking website, chances are that you may already be addicted to free online games, and if not, then soon you will be taken over by Farmville or the likes! Lately, I have witnessed many of my friends hooking up to this apparently very addictive game on Facebook. I am sure they love collecting the horse shoes or mending the fence around their farm house, but truly their previous physical activities (if any) have been taken over by this dreamworld farm where you raise pigs, cows, and what not, and hope one day your cows will start giving milk and your chickens would start laying eggs and your vegetable farm will show the fruits of your hard online labor – and by selling all that you will eventually become a rich farmer.

I have no qualms with online games like Farmville:  yes they may give you an engaging experience and perhaps self satisfaction of owning and raising a farm. However, turning you into a beggar, asking other folks on your Facebook contact list to spare some horse shoes or adopt a cow that you found abandoned, now thats difficult to digest. Friends and family members that you have long respected for their mighty ego, self esteem and great character are suddenly turned into farmers who are now requesting you to give them imaginary stuff in a very serious way. I know a friend in need is a friend indeed, and I can see helping a friend out in real life, but what if you keep on helping them on Farmville and when in real life they require your help, you are totally irked by the idea of helping them anymore. I think thats playing your cards not wisely all Farmvillers!

Anyways, I just see all these Farmville requests or achievement badges everyday on my Facebook status page, that make me wonder whethere I am losing out by not joining Farmville.