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Its been a dream of many people to live and work in the Caribbean but lack of information about the job market has always kept many away from achieving their dream. US Virgin Islands is located in the Caribbean and being a US territory provides peace of mind to its residents with the same quality of Caribbean life one could imagine. For many years finding a job in the Virgin Islands was a daunting task with only limited level of ground resources available to the job applicants. In 2008, a leading technology company in the Virgin Islands, BIZVI launched a completely free job website, , providing free interaction between the job seekers and employers. In a short period of time, Career.VI became Virgin Islands leading job website with thousands of registered seekers and hundreds of employers posting hundreds of jobs. This has not only helped the local population in their job hunt, but also is providing as the premier resource to the people from all over the world to pursue their life’s dream of working and living in the Virgin Islands.

Looking for Jobs in the Virgin Islands

Job searching in the continental United States were made easy by the gigantic services of Monster, Career Builder, Hot Jobs and many other job searching portals. However, for decades job search in the Virgin Islands was highly dependant on the print media or the Virgin Islands Department of Labor. In 2008, BIZVI, a technology based business solutions provider, launhed Virgin Islands first Job Website, Career.VI. In a very short period of time this job portal became the most popular and the leading job website in the Virgin Islands capturing more than 90% of the market share. Now with thousands of registered job seekers and millions of visitors, Career.VI is the main resource for job search and hiring in the Virgin Islands.

According to Syed Gilani, Founder and CEO of Career.VI, Virgin Islands needed this change and with the provision of this robust service local job market’s efficiency has increased manifold. Under his vision, Career.VI continues to develop into a 360 Workforce Management System.