More Work – Less Office

Tough economic times are on one side threatening millions of jobs across the world and on the other side pushing people and businesses to work harder and longer to live through these challenges. The real challenge is for everyone to manage the delicate balance between the work and their families especially when holidays call for long awaited family reunions and spending some quality family time together. There are ways that can help you stay in touch with your work while staying away from your office and closer to your family.

Document Sharing Tools

You don’t have to be in your office to manage your workspace. Document sharing tools like Google Docs allow you to manage your documents, presentations, spreadsheets and forms from the convenience of your own home. You can upload, access and share your office work with your colleagues and hierarchy without paying a dime! The powerful publishing and saving tools allow you to manage your workload form your home.

Remote Desktop Access

You have big family plans for this holiday season and extra time off may require you to work from home but you are afraid that too much information on you computer won’t allow you that flexibility. Technology again comes to your rescue by allowing you to access your office laptop remotely with the help of low cost desktop remote access software.

Online Faxing

If you don’t have access to a fax outside your office, you can always sign up with low cost online faxing services that allows you to send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world.  This allows you to meet any deadline you may have to submit your work or to simply stay in touch with your office.

Remote Meeting

Your boss really wants you to be in a very important meeting which happens to fall right in the middle of your holiday plans. Worry not! As online meeting services allow you to be in any meeting from any remote location. If you really don’t wish to spend any money then even a regular messenger services like Google Talk or MSN Messenger can help you conduct a video or voice chat with your boss or colleagues.

Personal Data Assistants

These days all cell phone providers are offering multi featured Personal Data Assistants (PDAs) to help you manage your business with greater flexibility. Packed with powerful communications and office management tools, you can not only access your emails but can also manage your documents. With the synchronization of global communication networks, its now much easier to stay in touch with your work than ever before.

Your holidays are meant to be for you and for your family and friends; however, should your work require you to be in your toes while enjoying your time, technology allows you to stay on course with your workload.

By: Syed Gilani

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