Is Risk Worth It?

We all take risks in our everyday life, some more than the others, but is it worth taking all these risks?! One would want to mention the old adage, “higher the risk, so the return”. But is it just about the return when we take risks? Sometimes we take risk for others and sometimes for our own conviction.

We have been working on a huge project (size of the project is comparable to our past experience or capabilities) since past couple of years. When we didn’t even know the result of all this hard work or investment or couldn’t even see what and when we will get any return from this, we still kept moving ahead. Throughout the recession last year when there were times when we seriously thought of abandoning the project, we decided to keep marching on with it. Now when this project is launched in one way, tagging along with one of our other project, we are continously investing our time and effort in this product hoping to find a comparable or better return one day. What continue to drive us forward is merely our conviction that its going to make it and understanding of the market, that its needed!

Is the risk worth it?! Lets see! Soon the future will unfold its mysteries and will show us the fruits of our decision.