It’s Payback Time for Technology

Excessive and irresponsible use of technology in our everyday lives and workplaces has long been blamed for the rapid degradation of the environment and consequent global warming. Until recently, the introduction of eco-friendly technologies and products has been very limited due to the high cost of research and production and less demand in the market. Recently ignited and shared by millions around the world, environment friendly campaigns have set the stage for collaborative efforts from various industries to start introducing environment friendly products and technologies. We can now see many products out in the market that offer still imperfect but encouraging environmentally friendly solutions to our everyday challenges without sacrificing on our indulgence in the technology oriented lifestyle that has so become us.

Solar Powered Products

A segment of product and technology development is emphasizing on alternate energy resources to offer innovative new ways of creating energy, for instance, solar power. Cameras, locks, lights, cars, home appliances and even power generation systems are available in the market, that run on solar power. Rising public interest in these products is not only encouraging manufacturers to improve their products but is also helping to reduce cost of development.

Recycled Products

The majority of modern-day electronics use a variety of potentially toxic chemicals, like arsenic, lead and mercury. While those chemicals are safely contained within electronic devices we use, if disposed off improperly into a landfill, they can leach those toxins into the ground and through the water table. To address this issue, more manufacturers are becoming environmentally keen and therefore developing recyclable products to reduce their impact on our environment. From recycled paper and plastic products to recently introduce recyclable laptops and cars, the concept of recycled products and their impact on the environment is rapidly increasing.

Energy Saving Products

Our heavy reliance on modern day technologies has led manufacturers to develop more energy saving products to help meet today’s growing energy demands. Energy efficient appliances are also marketed and supported by many governments to help reduce their carbon footprint.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), American families spend an estimated $140 billion each year on energy bills. By using energy efficient products, we can reduce our annual costs by up to 30 percent while conserving resources and reducing air pollution.

The recent increase in the awareness level regarding our environment with the help of online information sharing platforms has led to a worldwide move towards eco-friendly products and technologies. Most of these “Green” products are still not affordable for the masses; however, I strongly believe that as awareness and demand grows for eco-friendly technologies, we will find the introduction of more affordable “Green’ products in the market.

By: Syed Gilani